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Story goes like this:

I go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I saw that somebody has written on the quad “Bad Wolf” and “Allons-y.” I thought this to be the perfect place to put my Believe in Sherlock stickers that Jolyn sent me. So I put one sticker on the Allons-y side of the pillar thing last Saturday. Yesterday I found that SOMEONE RESPONDED. A Moriarty was Real sticker was next to mine. BEST EVER OMG.

I also posted stickers on the bulletin pillar on the quad, on the side of CRCE, and by Green Street just coming off the quad. More may soon follow.

While I’m at it…

They’re trying to take away our dearly beloved traditions here at the University of Illinois. They want us to stop playing the Three-in-One at halftime and other sporting events because they think it still supports the Chief, which we were forced to get rid of in 2007. The Three-in-One is three songs in one, for those who don’t know. They are March of the Illini, Pride of the Illini, and Hail to the Orange. This song predates the Chief and is about school spirit, not him. Here is something someone posted in our Marching Illini facebook group about the issue:

I want us all to take a minute to reflect on the lyrics to “March of the Illini”. It is so easy to forget the powerful words of this song. 

We are marching for dear old Illini
For the men who are fighting for you
Here’s a cheer for our dear Alma Mater
May our love for her ever be true
While we’re marching along life’s pathways
May the Spirit of old Illinois
Keep us marching and singing
In true Illini Spirit
For our dear old Illinois

The Three-in-One is not about the Chief, or publicity or causing conflict. It is about pride for our institution, for our traditions and for the state of Illinois. Where has the “spirit of old Illinois” gone? While all of this controversy is going on I think that it is important to remember our tradition of excellence and to remember our history. Nothing can take away the Illini spirit that flows from the Marching Illini as long as we remain true to ourselves and our history. Let us take this as an opportunity to help others to understand what the spirit of old Illinois truly is.


Also, take a look at this article if you’re interested:


I’m a member of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s marching band, the Marching Illini. Our football team accepted a bid to go to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. Unfortunately, DIA does not have the funds to send the entire Marching Illini or the entire football team to California, even with the payout from the bowl. They want to send 49 of our members and our director. With this number, we don’t feel like we can accurately represent the University of Illinois or its athletic division and we will not be able to march at halftime. We are an integral part of the game in offering our support to our team and our fans. We have worked really hard all season, as our football team has, and would love to have the entire band travel with the team this winter.

Please like this video on facebook and spread the word for our cause. We’d appreciate your support. <3

or here is a direct link to the video here: