Name's Holly. Majoring in Music Education at the University of Illinois. I play trumpet. Initially another site to promote my art and get little insights into my daily life, this tumblr is now reblogging a lot of Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and various other anime, fictional characters, celebrities, and whatever weird, random stuff strikes my fancy. I may or may not be a vlogger, but I am certainly a cosplayer. In any case, this blog is loads of fun and AWESOME of course. ;)
Enjoy your stay.


Story goes like this:

I go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I saw that somebody has written on the quad “Bad Wolf” and “Allons-y.” I thought this to be the perfect place to put my Believe in Sherlock stickers that Jolyn sent me. So I put one sticker on the Allons-y side of the pillar thing last Saturday. Yesterday I found that SOMEONE RESPONDED. A Moriarty was Real sticker was next to mine. BEST EVER OMG.

I also posted stickers on the bulletin pillar on the quad, on the side of CRCE, and by Green Street just coming off the quad. More may soon follow.

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